ESHRE certification for embryologists

Applications for the exam in 2020 are now open. Apply here on the ESHRE certification platform

What to prepare for your application:

• A copy of your highest obtained diploma in natural science. A copy of your BSc will be asked when uploading your MSc or PhD

• An official English translation of your diploma

• A copy of your academic transcript (list of scores)

• An official name change document (if necessary)

• A copy of your passport or ID

• One or more logbooks signed by applicant and respective supervisor. Only the format available in the application will be accepted. If you have applied before, make sure to update your current logbook

• Two references, different from your supervisor

• A resume in Europass format: please use the EUROPASS CV editor and upload the PDF in the platform. Only a CV in Europass format will be considered; other formats will not be reviewed.

All documents should be uploaded in PDF format!

You will need to sign a submission form after completing your application. This form will only become available when your application is ready. Make sure you are applying for the correct level (clinical or senior). It will not be possible to change your exam level after submitting your application. All submitted applications are confirmed by e-mail. You will receive a separate e-mail containing a payment link for the 100 Euro (excl VAT) exam fee. Only paid applications will be reviewed.

If you have any more questions regarding your application, pleas

Why would embryologists do it?

• To demonstrate basic or advanced knowledge of Clinical Embryology

• To obtain the most internationally recognised embryology certification

• To acquire an international ESHRE certificate formally recognized by CESMA (Council for European Specialist Medical Assessment)

• To officially record your Clinical Embryologist status on the list of ESHRE certified clinical embryologists

• To be able to participate in the ESHRE Continuing Professional Development (CPD) System

• To receive an official (produce/print) annual CPD certificate demonstrating educational, professional and scientific activity

• To officially record your CPD status on the world map of ESHRE-certified and CPD-active clinical embryologists

• To facilitate the opportunity to practise internationally